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Doodly, doodly art and EHMERGARD WHAT IS ART?!

Plus helpful artsy stuff and random clicky thingys~

Oct 12 '14
Oct 11 '14
Oct 8 '14
Because it’s the 8th :X

Because it’s the 8th :X

Oct 7 '14
So there’s this thing called Inktober…

So there’s this thing called Inktober…

Oct 2 '14



((WELL.. thanks for 4000+.. I managed to cram 60 of you in there before my right hand died but thank you ALL for being the most supportive followers a silly ask blog could ask for. Thanks to every single one of you for your messages, fanart, comments, reblogs and interest in general. I sincerely hope we continue having fun for the rest of eternity. Thank you.))

((I don’t remember if I reblogged this the first time but EEEEEEEEE thank you for drawing Meddy! Look at her happy snake face, hanging out with her bestest mercenaries friends!))

Sep 27 '14


(I can’t translate it, sorry) 

Мне очень давно хотелось ответить на этот вопрос, а заодно и сделать небольшой туториал по покраске))) 
Последнее фото - пример работы с кистью, именно это получается на 4 этапе. С палитры берётся только два оттенка цвета: более светлый и более тёмный, все остальные оттенки получаются с помощью пипетки и самой кисти)

Hope it helps! :”3

Sep 27 '14



Angels + Furniture by squidlifecrisis

I adore this persons angel references and wing studies in general but I just sorta need this one in my tags for easy refs 


Sep 18 '14
Sep 18 '14

Anonymous asked:

I was wondering how you manage to make your faces actually look like the person they are meant to look like? Some of my facial features always end up looking the same, and yours are so perfect... *showers you with love* You are my art guru.


art guru!!!!



BUT NO in all seriousness, thank you! You’re a sweetheart! ;O; Proportions are pretty awful to get down when you’re just starting out, and while there are a bunch of ways you can start practicing with it, it’ll be difficult to be absolutely precise. I still struggle with proportions occasionally. Fun fact: I don’t post all of my work. I only post the work that turned out okay aHA. So basically don’t be frustrated when every single piece doesn’t turn out. Here are a few tips.

Let’s use this picture of Laurence and Hugh because why not.


They’ve both got eyes, a nose, and a mouth, so why do they look different?


These lines are the generic way of mapping out where to put things together. I used this when I was starting out and it’s a helpful way of getting your hand and wrist to work together. At this point they both nearly look the same. I say this a lot, but I think it’s important: shape is what puts a drawing together.

Compare features of the face to help you figure out placement.

For example:


The bottom of his ear lines up right to the middle of his nostril. His tear ducts line up right at the corners of his mouth. Then you can get super technical and say, oh, the outer corner of his eye lines up with that fold in his collar and then from there you can see other things like the approximate distance from the edge of his mouth to that connecting line from the eye to the collar. They don’t meet so his mouth is smaller than the width of his eyes, etc, etc. Whatever works, man.

This is a favorite technique of mine so lemme use another example:


Eventually you get to the point where most of your proportional accuracy will come from just looking. You will eventually adjust your eye to see what makes a person who they are by the shape of their features.


Laurence has narrow, oval shaped eyes, while Hugh has more of a diamond shape. Not everyone has perfect almond shaped eyes. You can capture an entire character personality through their eyes alone, so shaping them out is extremely important.

The way you draw your lines is also important. Sharp and smooth lines will give your drawing personality. Reveals the character, in a sense.


Other things to consider: the shape of the nose.


Mads’ is flat and goes down in a steady slope, while Hugh’s juts out in a smooth, almost concave curve.

SHAPES SHAPES SHAPES. Use shapes and structure to find proportion.


I did a lot more than I anticipated omg. Oh gosh and I have a feeling I kinda just rambled and didn’T MAKE ANY SENSE AH. Let me know if you need more help or if I was speaking gibberish I am so bad at putting my thoughts into words aHHHH. But gosh I hope this was at least vaguely helpful. You’re a darling and thank you for your kind words!

Good luck on your artistic endeavors! /hugs

Sep 18 '14
Sep 17 '14
Sep 10 '14

With bonus bar-thingy and lineart~

Sep 8 '14
Sep 7 '14
Sep 5 '14



Hands/Feet References by *Kibbitzer

I hope this will help you! (more stuff here)